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Fred Eaglesmith and the Travelling Steam Show, Friday April 5, Meaford Hall

Published on January 7, 2013 by

It’s been 6 years since Fred performed at the Hall and he’s back  …. part stand-up comedy, part music ….  this Port Dover troubadour and his gang create an EVENT:

Fred Eaglesmith and the Travelling Steam Show Friday April 5 at the Meaford Hall. Call 1-877-538-0463 for tickets.

“As rock and roll renegade Fred Eaglesmith rambles across North America defying modern music business convention, converts embrace his gritty, road-worn and simple-yet-powerful approach,” says Music News Nashville. Fred’s 19th album, 6 Volts, draws on the spirit of the era when the transistor radio generation keyed into the electricity of fusing rock’n’roll with country and Southern roots.

There are other songwriters who populate their creations with small-time crooks, small-town loners, and working-class heroes. But Eaglesmith’s songs stand out for their edge of desperation and their raucous yet bemused humor—and incredible energy and on-the-edge quality of his live shows. Circulating on tour from his Ontario farm, Fred harks back to an earlier era of roots music with his raw, driving country soul.

These days, Eaglesmith spends most of the year travelling from show to show in a school bus and RV that have been converted to run on both gas and used cooking oil from restaurants and diners along the way. It’s all part of his mission of delivering a memorable and moving entertainment experience with his band, the Travelling Steam Show.


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